Welcome to the site! New to the world of CW Cobalt? Start with my Profile in the Biography Section. The Artist Statement there will set the scene!

The Library is chock full of over 200 pages of poetry I've written in the last decade. Be sure to check out the new re-colorized, restored version of the
Flesh Island comic posted there.

The Gallery features my
Portfolio, a brief sampling of some of my work. The Project Room there describes all of my active and dormant multi-media projects.

The Audio Lab in addition to a historical Discography, has free MP3 downloads of Flat Astronaut songs in the Vault and Archive. The Gift Shop will eventually have CD's, comics, and artworks for sale.

The Mail Room hosts the famous Goddess Letters, with more Old Mail to come!

The rest of CWCOBALT.com is dedicated to the characters that populate the narratives in my work, including the Time Traveling
Anachronists, the Flat Astronauts and the
Tombstone Teeth. In their respective sections, you can find Character Profiles on all the members of these fine outstanding organizations.